Thursday, November 25, 2010

sorry honey, i spent all our money on ebay and havnt done the dishes

So i am going ebay crazy at the moment.... And i always totally scorned it before. "why would i want to wait 3 days to buy something?" i would ask. "and then you might not even get it- that sucks" "and you probably end up paying waaaaaaay too much for it anyway".

Which is all totally true, but missing the big point... the thrill of the chase! it has totally suckered me in. all those promises of .99c jeans which i watch for days and always jump to $49 dollars right at the end of bidding (damn it!) and yet I'm still clicking furiously, so desperate to win. I blame my man totally, as hes encouraging me to buy new clothes (i lost 30kg since the fat man was born- entirely created from pregnancy crossiant cravings.....).

So really he cant blame me when he comes home tonight and i say to him "Sorry honey, i spent all our money on ebay and havnt done the dishes".

I'm just not a dishes doing kinda girl.

1 comment:

  1. love that you lost 30kgs! wow I still weigh the same as when I left the hospital and its been 8 weeks!

    I'm addicted to ebay because nothing in my wardrobe fits me.........sigh.......