Friday, December 31, 2010


happy new year everyone! i met my main man properly on new years 6 years ago today, so since then its always been an exciting night for me. Today we bought bubba sparklers and a bottle of lemon squash, so she can share it with us. hope all is good with the world tonight!

Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas break

Have been too busy to think, let alone type, over the christmas break.... hope everyone else has been having a georgous time!!

this is the fatman at the beach in the early morning, bubba went in but we just paddled.

have to start packing soon.... eekk!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do not leave your man unattended in a casino...

My bloke just came back from a work course in the city. Apparently all (all?? I ask) the hotels in the city were full, so work booked him, and other boys from his work, into the casino. For a week. Waving goodbye to him as he very very cheerfully boarded the plane, I new this was not going to go well. He had packed a suit.

2 days later in early morning phone call, he spoke very hesitantly- anxiously in fact. Knowing something was up I quickly ascertained that no emergency service personnel had been involved (quite a possibility if your aware of his younger escapades). Anyway it turns out he managed to lose (only!) $700 at the casino.  Which to be honest was better then I expected, although worse then I hoped. I would have been more cross except he received a $500 cheque for his bday, so it hasn’t affected the mortgage- although it would have been nice to have.

So since then I have become obsessed with all the things I/we/he could have spent $700 on had it not been lost to the casino.  Highlights include:

A mini break- 2 nights in a hotel with dinner and champers
New TV- he keeps complaining about our currently non-digital bulky one
One porcelain tooth veneer
A day at adventure land/underwater world/zoo for the kids with the works
Half a lounge chair
2 weeks groceries
Flights for my brother to come see the fatman
New jeans and a Review dress
175 family size blocks of top-deck
Soooooooooo many things for the new house


Anyway, the moral of this story definitely, is that if work needs him to stay at the casino again, we are organizing a babysitter, a bottle of champers on arrival and I'm coming too!

What would you spend your $700 on if your partner hadn't hypothetically lost it in a casino?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the puppy and the fatman

We have a puppy that is a naughty nightmare! A big black cute friendly slobbering nightmare- but still. We bought her for bubbas birthday last year. Of course my bloke and bubba insisted that they would walk her and clean her and feed her- I wouldn’t have to do anything!  And they definitely wanted a Labrador and not a little dog, or a kitten, or a goldfish….  Of course I found out I was pregnant with the fatman about 2 days later, so the poor puppy... I think she gets a bit jealous of the baby; she was meant to be the baby herself!


We call her Smellex, which started off as Alex but got changed…due to a few unfortunate pooping incidences when she was a little puppy. Damn dog!
Anyway, my problem today is poor little Sophie the giraffe, a very expensive baby teething toy- that the fatman adores!!… and Smellex ate!

So I looked online and spent a ridiculous amount of money and bought the fatman a new Sophie…. And what did I notice this morning- ANOTHER half eaten Sophie!

Poor sophie!! and poor little fatman - no way is he getting another!

Cannot wait to move to our new house and Smellex will sleep outside!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


The fatman has his first two teeth through... im stoked they came at once so its over and done with.
Poor boy- must be feeling sore as hes been waking up every few hours at night. totally exsausting!!

Bubba has just lost her first top tooth and is about to lose the other... i will have to get her the words to that song 'all i want for christmas is my two front teeth....'. her gappy smile is just too cute.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

the fatman...

this is the fatman- doing what he does best and i (sadly) do least: having a snooze!

sorry honey, i spent all our money on ebay and havnt done the dishes

So i am going ebay crazy at the moment.... And i always totally scorned it before. "why would i want to wait 3 days to buy something?" i would ask. "and then you might not even get it- that sucks" "and you probably end up paying waaaaaaay too much for it anyway".

Which is all totally true, but missing the big point... the thrill of the chase! it has totally suckered me in. all those promises of .99c jeans which i watch for days and always jump to $49 dollars right at the end of bidding (damn it!) and yet I'm still clicking furiously, so desperate to win. I blame my man totally, as hes encouraging me to buy new clothes (i lost 30kg since the fat man was born- entirely created from pregnancy crossiant cravings.....).

So really he cant blame me when he comes home tonight and i say to him "Sorry honey, i spent all our money on ebay and havnt done the dishes".

I'm just not a dishes doing kinda girl.