Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 things about me...

Anyway, so the last blog I was reading had a ten things challenge- to write ten things about yourself to let everyone know you a bit better. So here goes:

1. I have two kids, 7 years apart. The oldest one- miss 7, already reads like crazy. Which I’m not sure is really a good thing in a kid- or in anyone. Some one needs to get outside more I think. Some one else should perhaps lead by example. 

2. My man is a professionally trained chef… but im still the one who cooks dinner each day, and despite him trying his best to teach me, I’m not that good.  We came to an arrangement very early in our relationship though, that he has to ask before he makes any comment on a dinner that ive cooked…. And normally I say no. This saves us both from having to clean up the walls when I might just throw it at him.

3. I’m totally uncoordinated. I’m the person who spills drinks and walks into walls, before i've even had a drink that is (after i've had a drink my co-ordination is just better left unmentioned.) I've broken my toes twice from stubbing them on various bits of furniture. And broken toes are just embarrassing; you don’t get any sympathy there.

4. I’m not really a house proud kind of person. Even as I write this I’m looking at a desk that I got when I was thirteen and is still waiting for a lick of paint. I think I even bought paint for it at some point, which floated around for a while. My man keeps threatening to throw the desk out- fair enough as the rough pine is pretty ugly, but I just know it'll look great if it was painted. I tell him that ill get round to painting it soon, I promise. 
Other people have jobs on their to do list for sixteen years too, right?

5. Someone gave me 5 chickens for my eighth birthday.  Two red, 1 black, 1 grey and 1 white. I named then Sunshine, Bright-star, Midnight, Silver-of-the-sea and Sarah.  I think I ran out of poetic-ness when I got to Sarah. It was lots of fun watching the oldies try to call them by their names though.

6. We call the baby the fat man.  At an age where others are trying to double their birth weight, he is close to tripling his. He has big blue eyes, multiple chins and fat rolls from his wrists to his elbows.  He is one of those babies that people stop in the shops to say hello to.

7. I am a scientist- I have a science degree- earth sciences.  I’ve worked for the last couple of years, but am out of work for the next year or so to raise the fat man.  It’s not an excuse but really all scientists have messy houses and are not people-persons. It’s a stereotype that fits me well.

8. I live in whoop-whoop. From our house if you turn right at the main road and drive for twelve hours through the desert, you'll reach the nearest city.  This is a journey that you definitely should remember to charge your iPod before.

9. I love the smell of old books. All musty and dusty; old books come with an atmosphere. I’ve been totally scornful of iPads and the like. As if! I told anyone who would listen. But flying to the city the other day (13hour road trips with 2 kids to be avoided whenever possible) the book I’d got for the plane ride was crap. Couldn’t read it. And I found myself thinking wistfully of an iPad and how if I had one and the story I was reading turned out to be uninteresting- with the press of a button I could have a new story.
But I guess that’s a purchase I can put off for another year now....

10. We’re moving house to the city. We bought a new house, our first ever house. 1960s, brick with wooden floorboards, a pokey little kitchen and no bathroom taps. A real do-her-upper of a house, which I have promised my man I’ll do up... like that desk….

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