Thursday, November 4, 2010

begin again

Well i had big plans to give up something, to change my life (don't we all?) but I've decided that i like things just the way they are... perhaps with a little less couch sitting though, and a little more getting out there.
In honour of that sentiment this morning i decided to sit up at the table with bubba while she had breakfast (instead of retreating under the doona with an extra strong coffee, as i would previously).

"bubba where is your spoon?", i asked.
bubba looked at me scornfully "you never give me a spoon- I ALWAYS eat with my fingers".
i looked at bubba doubtfully; bubba was eating cornflakes with milk.

Similarly, having finished breakfast she wandered off to get dressed for school and came back in black leggings with purple bike pants over the top and a netball skirt over that. dismissing my doubts about this superman-esque outfit, she said she had worn it HEAPS of times.

I let her be. but i think its time i started paying a little more attention....

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