Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do not leave your man unattended in a casino...

My bloke just came back from a work course in the city. Apparently all (all?? I ask) the hotels in the city were full, so work booked him, and other boys from his work, into the casino. For a week. Waving goodbye to him as he very very cheerfully boarded the plane, I new this was not going to go well. He had packed a suit.

2 days later in early morning phone call, he spoke very hesitantly- anxiously in fact. Knowing something was up I quickly ascertained that no emergency service personnel had been involved (quite a possibility if your aware of his younger escapades). Anyway it turns out he managed to lose (only!) $700 at the casino.  Which to be honest was better then I expected, although worse then I hoped. I would have been more cross except he received a $500 cheque for his bday, so it hasn’t affected the mortgage- although it would have been nice to have.

So since then I have become obsessed with all the things I/we/he could have spent $700 on had it not been lost to the casino.  Highlights include:

A mini break- 2 nights in a hotel with dinner and champers
New TV- he keeps complaining about our currently non-digital bulky one
One porcelain tooth veneer
A day at adventure land/underwater world/zoo for the kids with the works
Half a lounge chair
2 weeks groceries
Flights for my brother to come see the fatman
New jeans and a Review dress
175 family size blocks of top-deck
Soooooooooo many things for the new house


Anyway, the moral of this story definitely, is that if work needs him to stay at the casino again, we are organizing a babysitter, a bottle of champers on arrival and I'm coming too!

What would you spend your $700 on if your partner hadn't hypothetically lost it in a casino?

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