Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the puppy and the fatman

We have a puppy that is a naughty nightmare! A big black cute friendly slobbering nightmare- but still. We bought her for bubbas birthday last year. Of course my bloke and bubba insisted that they would walk her and clean her and feed her- I wouldn’t have to do anything!  And they definitely wanted a Labrador and not a little dog, or a kitten, or a goldfish….  Of course I found out I was pregnant with the fatman about 2 days later, so the poor puppy... I think she gets a bit jealous of the baby; she was meant to be the baby herself!


We call her Smellex, which started off as Alex but got changed…due to a few unfortunate pooping incidences when she was a little puppy. Damn dog!
Anyway, my problem today is poor little Sophie the giraffe, a very expensive baby teething toy- that the fatman adores!!… and Smellex ate!

So I looked online and spent a ridiculous amount of money and bought the fatman a new Sophie…. And what did I notice this morning- ANOTHER half eaten Sophie!

Poor sophie!! and poor little fatman - no way is he getting another!

Cannot wait to move to our new house and Smellex will sleep outside!

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  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. Cant wait see pics of your do-er-up-er and hear some crazy diy stories to make me feel slightly sane about what we're doing! Poor Sophie indeed :)